How SCIAF began

The story of SCIAF is an inspiring journey. Three men played a key role in our history when they helped launch the charity with the bishops of Scotland back in 1965.


The timing could not have been better for SCIAF to write our opening chapters, as it was an extremely important time in the history of the church. The second Vatican council (Vatican 2) was taking place.


Around this same time, the Catholic Church issued several papers calling for people to make a stand for those impacted by the injustice of hunger and poverty in the developing world. These papers inspired the Scottish Bishops to answer the call and SCIAF was set up.


We may have started off small, but with the help of fantastic supporters like you we have come so far. Thanks to you, SCIAF has been able to save the lives of millions of people in desperate need across Africa, Asia and Latin America. These people are from a diverse range of religious and ethnic backgrounds, but they have something in common....they all need our help.

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