NicaraguaNicaragua is the largest country in Central America. Unfortunately, it is also the poorest country in the Western hemisphere after Haiti. Decades of dictatorship, violence and natural disasters have taken their toll on this nation. The economy and infrastructure have been improving since the civil war of the 1980s which pitted current President Daniel Ortega's revolutionary left-wing Sandinista government against U.S. backed counter-revolutionary rebels (Contras) at the height of the Cold War.


Tell me something about Nicaragua…


  • The country has a population of 5.6 million
  • Nicaragua is ranked 4th in the world for countries most affected by Climate Change – the weather has a big impact on the people
  • Access to water for people and farming is an issue
  • Tourism is now the second largest foreign exchange earner for Nicaragua
  • Gang related violence has risen in recent years


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