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  •  5 September 2013
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Earlier this year SCIAF welcomed Benedict Morris of St Aloysius College in Glasgow on his work experience. You can read about his experience with us below in a special blog.


During my work experience week at SCIAF, I was excited about experiencing first hand what happens behind the closed doors of one of the most influential charities helping those people in some of the world’s poorest countries who need every ounce of support to work their way out of poverty.

On the first day of my week at SCIAF, I helped sort the mail which had been received as part of the Real Gifts campaign as well as other campaigns and programs run by SCIAF. Real Gifts is a fundraising campaign which allows people to donate money towards certain aspects of life, such as provision of goats as a source of milk or helping keep a child healthy, in the countries that SCIAF help which include Haiti, Burundi and Cambodia as well as many other countries across Arica, Latin America and Asia.

The amount of money donated by the general public each day is outstanding and with each donation, a family is benefiting greatly. These benefits are being seen and experienced directly as some of the team travelled to Colombia mid-way through my week to meet these people who have been helped by the generosity of others and talk to them about the huge impact it has made on their day-to-day lives living in a country with deprivation widespread. Many of the donations made and intended specifically for countries such as Burundi. Burundi is a country in Africa which SCIAF is working in to again help those people living in dire poverty and deprivation.


The harrowing statistic in Burundi that SCIAF fights to improve is: 2 in 3 people go to bed hungry every night.

The fact that that very statistic is there in a country with a population of 8.6 million people is horrific and actions must be taken to stop that. That is what SCIAF is doing. By receiving money from supporters, SCIAF helps to lower that statistic by providing the people living there with the means of growing food by farming and supplying animals like goats as I have already mentioned. Outreach is a part of SCIAF in which I was fortunate to work in. In Outreach, I saw the other ways of making donations in order to help with the work SCIAF is doing. SCIAF make it available for donors to make a Legacy Pledge which enables a donor to leave a percentage or part of an estate in their will for use by SCIAF.


SCIAF know this is a big deal for those making this donation but they use that money in order to help those less fortunate than those in developed countries. Again, without these pledges made by those people, SCIAF’s work would not be as influential but still, in order to change more lives, more support is needed to give these people in these countries a way forward.

Without the generosity of SCIAF supporters, none of this can be possible and it is only by the constant support that people SCIAF can give those less fortunate a hand up. The staff and volunteers are doing everything they can in order to change lives in countries like Burundi and Colombia and so by the generous and constant donations and support of SCIAF supporters, they can continue their work to help end poverty, deprivation and hunger in developing countries and to give the people living there a helping hand to a better life and a better future.

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