Colombian visitors meet the pupils and staff of St Francis Xavier’s Primary in Falkirk

Criseria St FranXav2

St Francis Xavier’s Primary School welcomed Monsignor Hector Fabio from Caritas Colombia and Criseria, a lady from the Emberá tribe in Chocó, Colombia.


The school were very excited to see Criseria, especially as she is pictured on the WEE BOX this year! The primary 7 classes were treated to a presentation from Monsignor about Colombia and the issues that prevent justice and peace in their land. Criseria spoke about her life and the struggles that her community experience now that their land is being taken off them by big corporations and rich land owners to mine for gold and breed cattle.


Monsignor and Criseria said they felt at home at St Francis Xavier’s Primary among the Colombian wall displays featuring flags, traditional dress and posters about how SCIAF are helping them.


The children said the following:

“Criseria told us all about life in Colombia and it made us think about how much we have.”


“In general, the whole visit helped us learn what it is like to live in a developing country and we will never forget Criseria.”

“When we asked our questions we found true answers that really touched us.”

After the class input our Colombian visitors were treated to a school lunch! (see photos below).


St Francis Xavier’s have, and will continue to take part in various fundraising events through Lent to help those in need in Colombia, the rest of Latin America, Africa and Asia.  

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