Global Citizenship at Gryffe High School

Gryffe High School

Gryffe High School


At Gryffe High School we are proud of our continued involvement in SCIAF fundraising activities, which has been ongoing for a number of years


In March 2013, the school once again took part in the annual fundraising campaign where pupils and staff committed to a 24 hour fast to help raise money for families in Burundi. We had a very high number of participants from across the school, including many of our 6th year pupils. The total amount raised was £1550 and we are delighted to acknowledge the generosity of our pupil body, parents and wider school community and know that this money will go to those who need it most.


Global Citizenship is something that we promote extensively throughout Gryffe High School. Pupils will learn about opportunities where they can make a difference, not only at a local level but in a global context as well. This is encouraged through lessons in various departments and as part of whole school initiatives, such as the SCIAF fast. Also through our connections with SCIAF, we have become a Fairtrade school and are in our third year of Fairtrade status. This is another opportunity for our pupils and staff to support initiatives which help people across the world.

Gryffe High School
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