Holyrood Secondary in Glasgow break their fundraising record!

  •  Posted by A O’Reilly (Pastoral/Chaplaincy Committee)
  •  12 June 2014

Holyrood SCIAF Cheque 2014

The Holyrood school community has broken our own school records this year in responding to our SCIAF Lenten campaign, supporting so generously the people in need in the Choco region of Colombia in South America.


Our SCIAF 24 Hour Sponsored Fast (supported by the 6th Year Music Performance group) raised a fantastic £6274 and monies raised through other Lenten activities this year including our, School Talent Show, Non-Uniform day, ‘Wear It Green Day’ and ‘Wee Box’ collections in Registration classes helped boost funds to a tremendously generous and record breaking total of £8635, THANK YOU !


Lots of different factors I’m sure have contributed to the success of this year but it has been especially pleasing to see Holyrood pupils from S1 to S6 involved in the media launch for SCIAF this year and play their part in inspiring such a response. Extra special thanks to Jade Boyle, Danny Mefford (1st Year); Anna Gardiner, Daniel Leyden, Lucy Haggerty (2nd Year); Regan Wallace (4th Year) and Ryan McSorley (5th Year) who individually raised over £100 each, well done!  Also grateful thanks for a fantastic ‘anonymous’ donation of £311.80 !


A huge THANK YOU from SCIAF to all who helped support and contribute in any way to this year's traditional SCIAF Lenten campaign in Holyrood school community.


Megan Collins (5th Yr)

“I was lucky enough to be asked to participate in the SCIAF launch this year. Since 1st year I have either donated through the ‘Wee Box’ in the classrooms or taken part in the school’s annual 24 Hour Fast for SCIAF during Lent. I wanted to help raise funds for SCIAF because we are made aware in school of how little the children in developing countries have compared to us. This year I spoke at one of the year group assemblies myself about the work SCIAF is doing out in Colombia and it really opened my eyes to realise how privileged we are in this country. I hope to continue fundraising for SCIAF in 6th Year.”


Anna Gardiner (2nd Yr)

“At my year assembly I heard about the work SCIAF was doing in Colombia and I decided to do the 24 Hour Fast for the 1st time this year because I wanted to feel what  children out in poorer countries have to go through every day of their lives. It was really weird not eating anything in the morning before school I was really hungry and at lunchtime when other people were eating it made me feel worse. The last hour of my Fast between 5 and 6pm felt the longest! Doing this made me realise how lucky we are and also how much we take everything for granted each day.”


Daniel Leyden (2nd Yr)

“I felt very privileged to be picked to go on the SCIAF launch this year. I decided to do the 24 Hour sponsored Fast again this year because I heard about the work SCIAF were doing in Colombia to help families with young people like me. I raised over £100 again this year and after I handed the money in it made me feel really good knowing that it would really help some families.”





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