Inspirational retreat at Queen Margaret Academy

  •  Posted by Mark Booker, SCIAF Schools Officer
  •  22 November 2013
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Mark Booker leads the workshop at Queen MargaretOn the 4th of November Mark Booker visited Queen Margaret Academy in Ayr to take part in their 1st year retreat day. He was asked to speak about inspirational people from the Bible and present day times.


Here’s what some pupils said about the workshop:




"Mark gave us all 2 sheets of paper with different people on it. My group had Esther from the Bible. We had to read a piece of information about her and then we had to write down her name, story and family. We then shared what we had found out with the rest of the class. Then we all looked at this power point about what SCIAF does. We learned that SCIAF is a Charity that helps poor countries grow food and even start businesses and help people to be healthy. It was really fun and I liked it. Mark gave us SCIAF pencils to keep."




"The SCIAF presentation was very good and interesting because it showed you exactly what SCIAF do and Mark explained that they did not show the sad aspects of poverty in images but the positives and what can be done to help. We were given a sheet of paper with a prophet on it and another sheet like a profile page on Facebook. I really enjoyed this presentation because it was fun but it still had a nice moral behind it."


TAILOR MOHAN 1A1 (10/10)


"SCIAF was really fun. We learned lots of new things. We all did an exercise on Inspiring people. We enjoyed working together as a group. Mark explained everything so clearly and listened to us."




"It was really good fun and I learned a lot."

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