Lucy's Response to Scotland's Rio

  •  Posted by Lucy Feeney, 14
  •  13 September 2013
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My name is Lucy, and I come from St Edward’s in Airdrie. This summer I joined with over 300 young adults from across Scotland and Northern Ireland gathered at Stirling University for a weekend of fun, prayer and high spirits. I honestly had no idea what to expect from Scotland’s Rio, but now I can honestly say, that it was exciting, fun and very tiring. With only 3 people, including myself, coming from my parish, I didn’t really know anyone else attending Scotland’s Rio, however that soon changed.

I was amazed at how quickly we all began talking to each other and learning things about each other. By the end of Scotland’s Rio, I had met so many new friends that I’ve been keeping in touch with. With morning worship beginning at 9am, and having to fit in breakfast and make the 30 minute walk to the marquee, many people were looking very drained and exhausted, even on day one.

However, the high spirits kept up and we had a very enjoyable liturgy every morning. On Friday and Saturday we all had activities to attend and to keep us occupied, which gave us the chance to again, socialise with people from other dioceses. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice everyone was, and how everyone wanted to have a good time and make good memories.

Probably my favourite part of Scotland’s Rio was the night vigil on Saturday. Even though we all had to walk around the campus in the pouring rain, trying not to set each other’s ponchos on fire with our candles, the atmosphere was not ruined. It was one of the best, if not the best liturgies I’ve ever been to. And I wasn’t the only one who thought this.After the nearly 3 hour long service, Archbishop Tartaglia stood up and said ‘Guys that was awesome!’ It really brought everyone together and made us closer.

Over the course of the weekend of Scotland’s Rio, I learned that you don’t have to be someone you’re not, because people will accept you just the way you are, which is so true. With the National Youth Event coming up in November, I’m sure I will see plenty of familiar faces and have a similarly enjoyable experience.

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