St Luke's High receive a visit from SCIAF

  •  Posted by Trinity Donaghue and Rachel Ward


Our Visit From SCIAF

By Trinity Donaghue and Rachel Ward


On the 24th of March we got a visit from SCIAF and the visit consisted of a translator called Anjelica, Mark Booker, SCIAF’s Schools Officer, Criseria who is native of the Chocó region and Monsignor Hector Fabio who is director of Caritas Colombia.


First of all we got asked some questions from Mark about Colombia, to test our general knowledge and see how much we knew about Criseria’s Country. Some of the things Colombia is known for are bananas, oil, emeralds and coffee. 99% of the Emberá don’t have enough food.


Then the Monsignor talked to us about how bad the conditions are and what they are doing to help and what we can to do help. He also told us about how big companies are stealing the land away from the people of Chocó.


Criseria talked about having lots of jungle but now it is decreasing quickly. Criseria has children and one called Alexis, goes to school. She also has a grandchild. She makes wicker baskets from reeds but spoke of how these plants are being chopped down to make way for mining. She passed a basket around the classroom that she had made.


Criseria lives around water but all the chemicals from mining are infecting the water so they can’t drink it and it is killing the fish. So SCIAF through the church in Chocó have built a fish farm so Criseria’s family have enough to eat and can sell some fish for an income. They also gave seeds to grow crops for her and her family for them to eat and sell. Criseria’s tribe wear temporary tattoos for special occasions and festivals. These tattoos are made from a jungle fruit which was black in colour. The fruit was hard and brown on the outside. At lunch time Criseria offered to give tattoos at lunch time.


Criseria said the difference between Scotland and Colombia was the weather and the fact that schools here have windows.


We thoroughly enjoyed this visit as it informed us about what was happening in Colombia and showed us were our money was going and that it helped people in need.  SCIAF told us that even the smallest amount can make the biggest difference.


Click on the images below to view Criseria in action as she paints Emberá tattoos on some of the pupils from St Luke’s High.

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