St Mary's Primary in Hamilton respond to the refugee crisis

  •  Posted by P7 pupil at St Mary's Primary
  •  21 October 2015

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In Syria there are many problems. They have been at war since 2011. Seven million people have been displaced from their homes, four million have had to leave their country as refugees and travel across the Sahara Dessert and they have nothing. Many are now living in refugee camps.


As a Primary 7 pupil in St Mary’s Primary school, I am delighted to say that our school are very concerned about this and we feel compassion for these refugees and want to help them. Recently, one of my fellow classmates in Primary 7 suggested that we hold a Breakfast Club before school, and that any donations would go to SCIAF who are helping these refugees. That is exactly what we did!

We organized this and told everyone in our school that the Breakfast Club would be held on the 11th of September 8.15-9.00, and that it would be a donation only. This Breakfast Club was a team effort, with everyone contributing. The adults and teachers in our school donated butter, jam, cheese, etc.  The muffins and bread for the toast was most generously donated by Warburtons and the toasters were borrowed from our dinner ladies! The various other things, pancakes, milk, etc, were donated by our parent council and parents. Teachers and school support staff came early to help toast things and butter things and the pupils of course, donated money and some of our Primary 7 pupils even helped serve people! In the end, it was a fantastic turn-out with us raising over £1000! It was really fun too!

One week later, a SCIAF representative, Mark Booker, came to our school to collect our cheque. He was thrilled!
But we don’t want it to stop there! St Mary’s compassion will continue to show.


Finally, a girl from our school, Nina, aged only six, decided for her birthday she wanted no toys or presents - only money to be donated for the refugees! She raised a tremendous amount of £234 from her family and friends which was also given to SCIAF. Amazing!
We are all really happy to be involved in helping people in the Syrian Crisis.

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