St Maurice's High show solidarity by doing a 24 hour fast

  •  Posted by Mrs Slaven
  •  10 March 2015

St Maurices High

Can you go without food for 24 hours? St Maurice's High in Cumbernauld can and did!



On Friday 6th March more than 200 S4/5/6 pupils and staff took part in a sponsored 24-hour Fast to raise funds for our Lenten charity SCIAF.  Those involved had no food and drank only water for the day.  In a small way, it allowed pupils and staff to experience what it's like to go without food.  After the period of fasting, we were able to eat once again, but going without food every day is a reality for millions of people.  As every £1 sent to Sciaf by 17th May this year will be doubled by the UK government, it is hoped we will raise a fantastic amount to help those living in poverty.


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