St Thomas Aquinas SCIAF Lenten Campaign, 2014

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  •  16 June 2014

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The SCIAF Lenten Campaign in St Thomas Aquinas began this year with the arrival of some visitors to the school.


This group met with pupils, teachers and support staff as they gave first-hand information about the work being undertaken by SCIAF’s partners in Colombia.

The presentation from the group was engaging, powerful and humbling. Criseria an Embera woman whose image was on the WEE BOX described the impact of SCIAF support on the lives of herselfand her family. She explained how most of their land had been taken by corporate and other interests. She expressed her gratitude, through the interpreter, for the provision of seeds and tools by SCIAF, and the training to build a fish farm, all of which have helped them in some measure regain the power to look after their needs.


Mgr. Hector Fabio the director of Caritas Colombia provided pupils and staff with an overview of the difficulties across the country and the steps being taken by the church to help bring about change. Fr.Sterlin a priest who works among Criseria’s Embera people, and the indigenous Afro-Colombian people, described how some of his brother priests, and others, have been killed in their attempts to help the people regain their land, their rights and their dignity.

Pupils of different ages and staff responded with thoughtful and engaging questions. One member of staff remarked that it was a privilege to be in the company of such brave and inspiring people.

Many of those present, along with others went on then to plan and carry out fundraising in a variety of ways as follows

Staff and pupil WEE BOX collection                 

S1 Sponsored Silence
Cake Sale                                                         

Talent Show
Non Uniform Day                                              

24 and 12 Sponsored Fasts
Shoot the Hoops Pupil-Staff Challenge             

Staff-Pupil Mastermind Challenge
French Breakfast                                              

Every Penny Counts collection
Car Wash                                                         

No Mobile Day
Bucket Collections                                           

Quiz Challenge


Some of these events were planned and carried out by small groups of pupils. Other events above were organised by staff in the following departments : Modern Languages, Art, Maths, Science, Design and Technology, English and RE. Without the support and cooperation of the janitorial, fuel zone and whole school management staff the above programme would not have been possible.


The final sum of £2736 raised was due to the efforts of staff and pupils across all aspects of school. It was a genuine whole school event, from top to toe. A big thanks and congratulations to everyone.


See below for more photos.

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