Taylor High Caritas pupils share the WEE BOX message with local primary schools

  •  Posted by Eden Daniel
  •  2 April 2015

Caritaslent talks 2015

During Lent, myself and other Caritas pupils made the effort to visit the local primary schools in order to do a presentation on the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund. This helped show the pupils what they can do and how they are able to help adults and children in the developing world have a better quality of life.


When we arrived at the primary school, we were pleasantly surprised to find that some of the pupils were already very much aware of SCIAF's work and were able to tell us what SCIAF stood for and what they did to help poorer countries.


Firstly, we discussed different fund raising methods and ways to raise money, before moving onto a PowerPoint presentation and video that taught the pupils about a young mother named Mary, who lives in Malawi. The pupils were shocked, but also interested to see how Mary and her children lived. But saw the change in her lifestyle after seeing how SCIAF had helped.


Seeing how Mary made a living for herself and how her children now go to school made the pupils eager to raise money and they began suggesting different ways to do this, such as putting their money in the SCIAF WEE BOX instead of buying themselves things. We left behind a WEE BOX for each class so they could carry this out.


We also had the pupils write prayers for those less fortunate, and prayed with them at the end of the assembly. I believe that by running these assemblies, the pupils will have raised money to help more people like Mary. They were all aware that in order to make the world a better place, they have to help those who really need it.


We visited Christ the King, Holytown. St Teresa's, Newarthil. Our Lady and St Francis', Carfin, and St Mary's, Cleland.

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