Typhoon fundraising at St John's

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Kimberley Vasquez and Head Girl Megan Cassidy

Kimberly Vasquez, S6 pupil of St John’s RC Academy, Perth and parishioner of St John’s reflects on Typoon Haiyan’s impact on her own community


When Typhoon Haiyan (called Yolanda in the Philippines) struck my home country on Friday, November 8, I couldn’t help but worry about family members back home. It was so devastating to know through news reports that many Filipinos lost their lives, loved ones and property.


Some family members of the Filipino-British community studying in St John’s RC Academy as well as former students were directly affected by their horrifying stories as we managed to get in touch with our loved ones. It was so heartening to hear their epic tales of struggles and survival while Typhoon Haiyan was making its presence felt in the Philippines’ archipelago.


However, we never felt alone and helpless about this recent test of faith in God and the resiliency of our Filipino brothers and sisters. Teachers and staff members of St John’s RC Academy (as well as Fr. Tom and parishioners in St John’s, Perth) showed genuine concern and overwhelming love whenever they chanced upon us either along the school corridors or in Church.


St John’s RC Academy launched a “Bucket Appeal” on November 19, during tutor group and breaks. Pupils throughout the nursery, primary and secondary joined in by donating bags of pennies, loose change and pocket money and raised £700 for SCIAF’s Emergency Appeal for victims of Typhoon Haiyan. St John’s Church will also have a special collection on November 24.


Pupils and staff also celebrated a special mass led by Fr. Colin at lunch time to pray for the people of the Philippines.

We are very pleased that our community here in Scotland have been so kind and have reached out to our community in the Philippines at this time of desperate need.

St Johns K Vasquez story small
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