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  •  Posted by St Columba's High, Gourock
  •  21 January 2015

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St Columba’s High in Gourock are one of the schools that piloted the ‘Talented Fundraisers’ resource and below, tell their story of what they got up to.


‘We started this project by discussing our ideas that involve our talents.  After long thought we came up with the idea of ‘Selfies with Santa’, where we would set up a Santa’s grotto for Christmas.  We tried to create something that would be popular with the other students in our school, that’s why we chose the ‘selfie’ idea.  We bought our supplies using the £50 given to us from SCIAF.  We also used some old Christmas decorations we had from our own houses.  We talked to the head boy and head girl and they agreed to be Mr and Mrs Claus for our grotto. 

We worked with the Art department to make the back drops to the grotto and an S1 pupil made our posters for around the school.  We held the event on Thursday 18th December and we charged £1 for a ‘selfie’ with Santa and a chocolate coin and it was £6 for a group photo with Santa with a chocolate coin and a printout of the photo included in the price.  The event was a success raising £88 for SCIAF.’


The St Columba’s High School S3 Talented Fundraisers Group
Darren Boyd
Michelle Glass
Ashley Rodgers
Anna Dunsmuir and
Eilidh Larkin




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