Shining the Light of Faith

  •  Posted by SCES
  •  20 February 2014

Catholic education week

Across Scotland, starting on Education Sunday (23rd February) young people and adults in Catholic schools and parishes will be asked to reflect on how they are “Shining the Light of Faith” in their lives.


Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, President of Scotland’s Catholic Education Commission, in launching Catholic Education Week, remarked: “Shining the light of faith doesn’t only happen inside a Church or indeed a school. People can become shining lights when they help others, when they treat people fairly and when they support those most in need. During the Catholic Education Week, we can all do that little bit more to "shine the light of faith" in our lives. In doing so, not only do we respond positively to our own vocation, we become lights for our young people, our hope for the future.”

Michael McGrath, Director of the Scottish Catholic Education Service which provided the resources, added: “It is important that young people can learn how the light of the Gospel can direct them towards a lifetime of happiness and fulfilment in loving God and in loving others.  Education Scotland’s recent evaluation of religious education illustrates how religion is, indeed, good news when it makes a positive impact on people’s lives.”


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