St Aloysius Junior School Charities Club Scoot and Skip for SCIAF

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  •  10 June 2015

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St Aloysius Junior School visited the SCIAF office to deliver their Lenten donation face to face. Pupils, in their own words, share what they did to raise the money and about their SCIAF visit.



We decided to organise a special sponsored ‘Scoot and Skip for SCIAF’ to celebrate their 50th Anniversary.  We were really excited to bring our scooters to school and the Primary 7 pupils helped us by collecting all the scooters and putting them safely in the ICT room.  At lunch time they also helped by putting all the scooters out in the playground so that we could get started as quickly as possible!  We had to scoot or skip 10x our year group number, and everyone did a fabulous job!
By Sarah, Niamh and Orlaith


I loved the sunny weather and bringing my scooter to school, everyone had so much fun!  I felt like I was really doing something to help SCIAF, while having a great time with my friends.  It was a brilliant day because everyone in the whole school took part form Kindy to Primary 7!
By Charlotte and Sofia


We were very excited to visit the SCIAF office to deliver our cheque for over £12,000! (including match funding).  Mark met us at the office and we were invited to take part in a photoshoot which was amazing!  There was a huge WEE Box that we all stood in for the photographs and as a special gift we received a SCIAF badge. 
By Iona, Laura and Maya




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