St Kevin's Primary take action

  •  Posted by Mark Booker
  •  14 May 2014


St Kevin's Primary change their lifestyle actions as well as raising over £500!


St Kevin's primary in Glasgow raised £533.22 over Lent by taking part in a 'Green Eggs and Ham' cafe (pictured), crazy hair day, non-uniform day, topsy turvy Friday (wearing everything back to front), car washing every Friday, trainers to school day and bright and sparkly Friday. The school would like to thank their supportive parents for their generosity.


But just as important, St Kevin's also challenged themselves to change their lifestyle actions to show solidarity with their global neighbours. They worked a day with no lights, had a day without using the computers and made huge efforts to reduce their food waste at lunchtime. All in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint.


Well done St Kevin's Primary!


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