St. Cadoc’s Primary responds to Colombia’s call

  •  Posted by St Cadoc's Primary 6 pupils
  •  23 May 2014

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Primary 6 pupils share in their own words, their SCIAF Lenten experience.


SCIAF is a charity that helps lots of people in developing countries. This year the charity’s Lent focus was set on the Chocó Region in Colombia where the Emberá tribe live.

The reason SCIAF is helping this tribe is as follows; rich landowners have decided to come in and take the Emberá tribes precious land spilling poisonous chemicals in the river and ruining the land where the tribe grow crops while they mine for gold. This is really terrible as the tribe live off the river and land.


Mark Booker from SCIAF visited our school with a woman called Criseria from the Emberá tribe and Monsignor Hector Fabio from Caritas Colombia and they met primary 7 pupils. We interviewed a couple of primary 7 pupils and they told us all about their visit.

Criseria told them about her life in the Emberá tribe and she brought different things in to show the pupils. They felt privileged to be able to talk with her and ask her questions but she couldn’t speak English so an interpreter translated it for her. Overall the visit was a great success!


Every Lent, St. Cadoc’s primary has their Wee Box Campaign and during this time they raise money for SCIAF. The children take home their Wee Boxes, collect as much money as they could, then bring in their money to be counted each Friday.

All the pupils at St. Cadoc’s took part in a Dance-a-thon in which they were sponsored by family members, friends or even neighbours. The children said that it was a fun way to raise money and it shows that you don’t just have to raise money by putting coins in a box.

The children took part in Eco Hour in which they weren’t allowed to use any electricity for one full hour! They did this to raise awareness on how they could help the planet. In the end, they got through Eco Hour and ended it in a big success.

St. Cadoc’s have always been supporters of SCIAF and hopefully always will be.


St. Cadoc’s Primary in Newton Mearns managed to raise a HUGE £4210.79!


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