Take a Closer Look

  •  Posted by SCIAF
  •  11 February 2014

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 We all know about the problems that affect our neighbours around the world.


When we look a bit closer we can see that the problems of poverty and hunger don’t happen by accident.  People, like Criseria (pictured), are actually kept hungry and poor by systems, rules and behaviours which only benefit the few. 


Challenging those ‘in power’ - like business or Governments - is vital to making the world fairer. However, we also need to think about how our own personal lifestyle choices – like what we eat, how much energy we use, and what we throwaway - affects others.


The ‘Look Closer’ campaign challenges us to live more simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the most vulnerable of our neighbours. 

Find out more www.sciaf.org.uk/lookcloser












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