Talented Fundraisers

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  •  12 September 2014


Nine schools joined with SCIAF to pilot a new resource called ‘Talented Fundraisers’.


Seven secondary schools and two primary schools will run with the new project over the next ten weeks and we look forward to hearing their stories and seeing their photos.


St Columba’s High in Gourock is one of the schools involved and Miss McQuillan describes their initial experience of the project below.


"Yesterday Mark Booker from SCIAF visited our S3 students to inform them of the opportunity to take part in SCIAF's new youth project called Talented Fundraisers. Talented Fundraisers is a fundraising project that is... inspired by scripture and encourages pupils to put their faith into action. The idea for this project comes from the parable of the talents and encourages students to think about how they can use their talents to serve God and others.


Within this project schools are given £50 and students are asked to come up with ideas in which they use their talents (and the money!) to raise more money for SCIAF. After Mark's presentation students were asked to come up with ideas on how they could best use their talents to raise more money for SCIAF and the response was fantastic!"


When asked for feedback on the day, the responses from S3 included,


'It was great hearing how well people (in developing countries) can do with just a little help'


'It was fun coming up with all the ideas for what we could do with the money'


S3 pupils are pictured below with SCIAF's Schools Officer Mark Booker

St Columbas High Gourock

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