•  Posted by Mark Booker
  •  26 February 2015

SCIAF WEE BOX 2015 008

Six different schools joined Susan Boyle, Kaye Adams and Nicholas McDonald to launch our WEE BOX TWICE AS BIG Lenten appeal.


While Susan said that she would be giving up sweets for Lent, hundreds of schools will stand in solidarity with people we help in Africa, Asia and South America as they, too, will be taking part in various fundraising activities.


This year our Lenten focus will be on women farmers in Africa. Schools will be looking to help women farmers grow enough food, give animals (that provide milk and droppings to fertilize crops) and help women to set up their own business.


Giving a hand up rather than a hand out has a longer term impact and we have the opportunity this Lent to do twice as much, as the UK government will double every donation that is sent to SCIAF by 17th May! A massive thank you to all schools that will be fundraising to help people in greatest need.


See photos below of the launch with St Columba's High, Gourock. Holyrood Secondary, Glasgow. St Aiden's High, Wishaw. St John's Academy, Perth. St Andrew's Primary, Kilmarnock and St Francis Xavier's, Falkirk.


Photos: Paul McSherry



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