St Joachim's Primary in Glasgow

  •  Posted by Connor Cochrane and Christie O’ Donnel, Primary 6
  •  16 September 2013

At the start of Lent we had a whole school assembly led by the Pupil Council. They explained to us that this year’s WEE BOX appeal would be about helping families in India.

We learned about a boy in India called Jagadeesh who was blind and deaf. Jagadeesh works in an iron factory in India, but his disabilities make things hard. He earns just £1.30 a day and his family has little food to go around.

The Pupil Council first came up with the idea of collecting lots of pennies to make a Penny Trail but then we thought of creating the word SCIAF out of the pennies. First we collected lots of pennies and two pence pieces and then we drew with chalk the huge letters of SCIAF in the play ground.

Everybody in the school got a bag of pennies and then we filled in the SCIAF with the pennies it was really good fun and everybody enjoyed it. We collected £100

St Joachims Primary in Glasgow

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